Motivate Your Monday. Because Life is too Short to Not Look Forward to Everyday!

Happy Sunday babes! If you’re anything like I used to be you are already dreading Monday.  I dreaded Mondays (big time!) But now I look forward to them and I know that it is an opportunity to have an amazing week. I know firsthand there is nothing that can beat the weekends, sitting at home with your friends or family, going out with girls or just having a nice relaxing weekend away. (I mean who doesn’t want more of that!?) So, make more of it! Don’t save your ‘me’ time or fun time just for the weekends. Even if it is 10 minutes a day- do something that makes you feel good.

Monday can actually be pretty amazing, a chance for a fresh new week, a new start.  A chance to decide what you think needs to get done and in what order. YOU DECIDE. When I start to feel that, ohh (beep) tomorrow is Monday thoughts creeping in, I ask myself -

-What amazing things are going to happen this week? (Life is happening FOR us not to us!)

-How much closer am I going to get to my dream, my goals?

-Who will I meet this week that will brighten my world? Who can I help this week?

Asking empowering questions can get you excited for the new week! Excitement breeds productivity, which then gives your Monday a whole new meaning.


Your 5 Step Action Plan for Motivating Your Monday

1. Don’t live for the weekends. Studies show that if you live for Saturday and Sunday you have lower energy and motivation throughout the week. Plan some fun activities during the week. Spread out joy for those other days that in Y! Planning something midweek can give you something to look forward to.

2. Fill in your calendar. If you know on Monday AM what you already need to tackle you free up some much time and you aren’t spending the morning stressed out on what you have to do.

3. Stay off the phone! When we first wake up in the morning we are in a sensitive state. The first five minutes of you day affect your day. What we do in this  five minute state can affect or whole day and sometimes even our entire week! If your alarm is on your phone that is the first thing you do when you wake up, reach for phone (check texts, email, Instagram…) Get the picture? You aren’t even giving yourself a chance to decide how your day is going to go. What happens when we fill our first moments of waking up with the noise of the outside world? The rest of the world decides how your day is going to go. The best advice that I ever received for helping to change my morning routine was from Tim Farris. What was it? Do not check your emails before 10am. I realize this may or may not be easy for everyone but if this is something you cannot do, then it is even more important that you create space for yourself in the morning before making any moves.

4. Take five minutes to reflect. When we wake up and jump online or turn on our TV’s, answer a text message, whatever it is that isn’t showing love to ourselves first we send the message to ourselves that everyone else is more important. Putting yourself as number one (so you can love yourself and those who love you) means spending the first five minutes of your day showing gratitude and celebrating you. Even if you are feeling down or going through a tough time in your life you ALWAYS have something to feel grateful for. Sometimes we need a little guidance, my biggest game changer has been the Five Minute Journal.

5. Stretch. Get your body moving! Stretching increases your blood flow. Blood flow increases your concentration and sharpness. Many experts suggest that stretching in the morning helps support your energy throughout the entire day.

Here are some recent examples of what I have said thank you for each morning when I wake up:

  • The ability to work from wherever I want, which balances out the nights up working past 1am.

  • The chance to start the GirlTalk advice section

  • To have a beautiful bed to sleep in

  • For my husband who is my biggest supporter

  • Thankful for the courage to move to Los Angeles, it has changed my life!

Life is too short not to be happy. Choose to love yourself everyday and be the happiest person you know.