Help Us To Support Young Women 

We need your help to be able to provide support to young women in our generation and generations to come. 

On The Road With GirlTalk supports and empowers women and young girls by celebrating them, lifting them up and traveling around the country to schools to provide a program that supports young women. Every dollar contributed goes to our free self love school program and our life changing events for women. Your donation allows us to change the lives of women everywhere and support them on their journeys and struggles in life.




Our self love program is customized to each school. We share relatable stories and hold a safe forum where girls have the opportunity to share their feelings, stories, and experiences.

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We connect young girls and women to motivational speakers, like-minded women and provide a platform and program to help them through the different stages of life. 



After our program and rally's we provide support and follow up with the girls to make sure they have the encouragement and resources that they need. We want girls to know they are not alone.