GirlTalk Live Connect + Inspire

Our famous event Connect+Inspire™ brings together like-minded women to connect, create new friendships, support important causes, give opportunities, and celebrate women empowerment in inspiring and beautiful environments. Our attendees have access to celebrity motivational speakers who share their journey's, do Q&A's and engage in real discussions.


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Connect+Inspire is all about women supporting women and having the courage to pursue their dreams and live without fear.

Months later I am still buzzing with inspiration, new dreams, and motivation to live the true authentic life I imagine. The panel was packed with powerful and passionate keynote speakers who reminded us to never give up, because we must work hard for our dreams. I can tell you first hand each one of the girls who spoke truly believe in supporting one another.
— J.C.


       Kelly LeVeque                     Brie Bella                        Nikki Bella                     Lori Harder