the Girltalk foundation

providing support, motivation, and mentorship to the next generation.


 Our 501 c 3 Foundation was created as a way to give back to our next generation. part of our proceeds from our initiatives and programs have helped to support and empower women by celebrating them, lifting them up, and traveling around the nation to bring them the customized programs they need. Our efforts are focused on providing support, motivation, and mentorship.


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“GirlTalk Network has been a blessing. Being able to learn from other women who have overcome giant personal hurdles and found success is so inspiring. It made me feel empowered and motivated to conquer my own struggles with grace and pride!”

— Kirbie Johnson, POPSUGAR Producer + Host of #PrettyUnfiltered

Girltalk’s eMPOWERMENT Tour


Our empowerment tour supports and empowers our next generation of women through our programs, educational content, sponsorships and mentorships. We created a custom program that we take around the country to help young women with traumas and issues they face. We cover exactly what their community asks, we give them a resource to share anonymously and also with their peers and work with them before we get to their location. We bring these young women face to face with relatable female mentors and help with everything from self esteem, bullying, body image, comparison and more while providing them with the tools to overcome struggles they are faced with



From girl power 💪🏻 to women empowerment GirlTalk Network has spread self love 💕across the nation! With the help of Sarah and all of the inspirational speakers, I have found more healthy, happy, and positive relationships not only with my friends and family but within myself as well!
— Taylor L.
There is no better way to embrace your self-love & women empowerment than with GirlTalk Network. Each & everyday, this program gives me, & so many other young women, the hope & passion to be who they are & spread love!! With their amazing work, I was given confidence, inspiration & genuine love. Their speakers touched my heart & touch others everyday. Thank you GirlTalk. Every women should feel what you make me feel.
— Melinda S.
GirlTalk On The Road was an emotional experience to say the least. Emotional as in; happy, eye-opening, heart-on-your-sleeve, gratifying. I am forever changed and you have changed my outlook on life.
— Katie H
Experiencing On The Road With GirlTalk changed my life. I found hope and was so inspired by Sarah and the other women. I have hated myself and compared myself to other girls, this program taught me the steps to love myself and be proud of the difference between me and my friends. Sarah still emails me to help me even after the program.
— Julia P