The GirlTalk Network

GirlTalk is a non-profit and movement for women in all stages of life. We are centered around women supporting women, empowering others, connecting, inspiring and giving back. We create life changing events and self love programs for women and young girls nationwide.

Our mission is to bring women together to support, connect and inspire while changing the meaning of "girl talk." Our famous event Connect+Inspire is an empowering event held in different cities around the U.S. It is changing lives and inspiring women to live the life they want.  Giving back is crucial in the world we live in, which is why we have also launched The GirlTalk Foundation, "On The Road With GirlTalk" is our program we provide to young women. 



Daring to set boundaries:

"Our events takes place in gorgeous environments where we can celebrate and be empowered with positive vibes surrounding us."

We surround ourselves with people who lift us up. Part of self love is having a higher standard for your inner circle.

Founder, Sarah Pendrick



You leave truly inspired.

“Being a mother-daughter business, and coming from a family with 4 daughters/sisters, we are all about female empowerment! Connect+Inspire is just that ~ an event that connects amazing powerful women, that you leave feeling truly inspired."


If you're looking for a great group of females!

“GirlTalk Network has been a blessing. Being able to learn from other women who have overcome giant personal hurdles and found success is so inspiring. It made me feel empowered and motivated to conquer my own struggles with grace and pride! I highly recommend you join us at the next event!

— K.J.

Right after I had a desire to be involved.

“I went to Connect+Inspire event with the exception of just being there to support my friends, but I walked away from the event motivated, inspired and with a whole new group of friends. Now I am a proud member of the organization." 

— J.J.


What Connect+Inspire Looks Like

The tribe and life of your choice is waiting.

Join us May 21st for Spring's Connect+Inspire in Phoenix, Arizona!