The Mama Bear


Hey beautiful creature, you.

You are a true gem. (And you probably don't hear that enough.) Your friends rely on your loyal, protective and extremely generous nature. They lean on you for doing the things that nobody else would do for them.

You're kind, thoughtful, a great listener and a huge giver. You have a nurturing spirit that just radiates from you and a "Mama Bear" heart that would do anything for someone you love. You are as gentle as a dove, but if any of your friends get treated poorly, watch out! When it comes to you getting hurt, though, you have a tendency to brush it off. (Or at least, you try to.)


Challenges You Face:

  • Having a hard time saying no. I know from experience how hard this is. You love every one of your friends. But sometimes a few of them probably take you for granted, expect too much of your generous nature, and maybe sometimes even hurt you very deeply. You probably brush it aside even when you're hurting inside.

You also probably say yes to things you may want to say no to.  This leads you to feeling resentful and feeling like you'd like to disappear and avoid certain people altogether. Am I right? I know this because I've been right. Where. You. Are.

  • Forgetting to take care of you. This is such a hard one for me, too! Taking care of others is your most beautiful trait, but it's also the trait that keeps you from being fully known, loved and cared for in the way you deserve.


Advice To Help:

  • A suggestion for saying no: Start small. For example, when someone asks if you want to join them for an outing that you don't want to go to, say, "Thank you, but I can't today!" If you aren’t sure on something or need to process, my new favorite answer is, “Let me think about that!”

Your first priority should be saying no to the things you don't want to, so that you can say yes to other, more important things. It takes awhile to fully get the hang of saying no (I would know!) but yes, it does get easier with time. And the best part is that eventually your friends will begin to respect you more.

  • Remember to take care of yourself. It's very common for Mama Bears to be in protective, nurturing careers such as in the health industry or education, for example. Whether you are or are not, try making more time for yourself by scheduling "Me Time" where you do something just for you.

Whether it's getting a weekly massage or pedicure, joining a gym or a book club, take care of you and you'll find you'll have even more energy to care for those in your life. I also recommend listening to the amazing Christine Hassler's podcast, Over it and On With it.


The Women You Need to Thrive:

Your personality thrives in a community of loving women who give just as much as you do. Without this, your friendships can be quite lopsided with you doing most or all of the giving. With a tribe of generous women, however, your personality will flourish, and you'll be able to have fun and enjoy life without feeling constantly responsible for everyone and everything.

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