The Queen Bee


Oh hello, gorgeous!

(You're an ultra-Queen if you got jazzed up about your quiz result!) You have great style and high standards for yourself and for others.

You wear your leader-role in your friend group with pride. If there are any plans in the works, you know all about them, because if you didn't create them, you at least approved them!

Sometimes it's hard to be Queen Bee because you truly love your friends and want what's best for them - sometimes even more than they do! You are quick to give advice, quick to make decisions, and usually right about most things. (You're not the Queen Bee for no reason, after all!)

It can be hard being the leader all the time, though.


Challenges You Face:

  • Giving too much unsolicited advice. You are so knowledgeable and so caring for your friend group, sometimes you give advice when it's not necessarily asked for or wanted.
  • As Queen Bee, it's hard to be human sometimes. Your friends probably expect a lot out of you. You have such high standards that they probably expect you to have the perfect relationship or dating life, a smooth-sailing career, and zero spazzy moments. This probably makes it hard for you to be real with them sometimes.


Advice To Help:

  • Try listening instead: Sometimes when a girlfriend is sharing a problem she's having, all she wants is a listening ear. At other times, when you see one of your friends doing something you have a feeling is wrong, try asking questions about it to see if you truly understand her motives before giving your recommendations.

In this way, your friends will feel truly supported and cared for and will likely come to you asking for advice instead of being hesitant to hear your opinions.

  • Practice being vulnerable. Part of the reason that people have high expectations for you is because you probably have a habit of projecting only the fabulous part of yourself to them. (It's true that you are super fabulous, but that's not all you are!) Sometimes you have bad days, too.

There are probably moments when you wonder if you're having a break down and you need a shoulder to cry on or a girlfriend you can come undone with. Try being real with your friends and see how they respond. If they don't respond well, you may need to start allowing healthier women into your life who are also supportive for you!


The Women You Need to Thrive:

Your personality thrives in a community of passionate women who also have high standards for their lives, while supporting and encouraging you to live your most authentic life possible and giving you a safe space to be real and even vulnerable when you need to be.

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