The Soulful Connector


Oh hello, sexy, soulful woman!

***Said in a sexy, soulful voice, of course ;)

You are the opposite of a social butterfly. In fact, shallow,  small talk with people you don't know is probably one of the things you dread most!

However, good food, deep conversations and a glass of wine (or a kombucha!) with one or two friends are ingredients to a perfect evening for you. We're probably soul sisters, because I love all these things, too!

You might not need a constant circle of social activity or a huge group of girlfriends; just a few good ones. You prefer quality over quantity, and that means your friends are probably extremely loyal to you and thankful for your presence in their lives. You never judge them; rather, as a great listener, you provide a great safe space for them to share whatever is on their minds.


Challenges You Face:

  • As a Soulful Connector, the only thing you might sometimes miss out on is connecting with lots of different kinds of women. Since “small talk” doesn’t light you up, you can sometimes miss out on getting to know new, interesting women.  
  • Sometimes you feel obligated to fix everyone's problems. I know what this is like! Because you're such a great listener, most of your friends probably feel comfortable coming to you with their problems. It's easy to feel like you're responsible for helping everyone out. The problem with this is that as a soulful connector, it's easy for you to take on that energy and live in problem-solver mode.
  • Regardless of how supportive you are, sometimes you need support from others. If you ever feel like you need support for your own life issues, you're not alone! We function best as women when we receive support for our lives, no matter how self-reliant we are.


Advice To Help:

  • Here's a suggestion for starting friendships with new, interesting women: Try breaking the mold and going to a new restaurant for a night out, join a book club or try something as simple as introducing yourself to someone who looks interesting to you.

As shallow as it might seem (!) try complimenting a woman on something she's wearing or something as simple as her complexion or smile. It's amazing how far a genuine compliment can go towards starting a new friendship. It feels incredible to connect with another woman in a different way (other than problem solving for her)!

  • Remember that you are not obligated to fix everyone's problems. They are meant to have their own journey and you can love them while not taking on their baggage. If your friends need a listening ear, you can be that and you should be if you feel like it! But just because you are a listening ear doesn't mean you have to take on all the problems of the world and bear the burdens of your entire friend group or the stranger you met at Starbucks.

Do a gut-check on yourself and see which relationships are wearing you down and which ones are building you up. Even just having awareness can help you out.

  • Here's a little tidbit of advice from someone who understands the challenge that comes with being a great listener and “solver”:  Think of a friend who can support YOU when you need it. Someone you feel comfortable being real with, letting your hair down with, having fun with - who builds you up and makes you feel good, too. Hang out with that friend more!

Make sure your needs are being met, too. (Otherwise you'll burn out in your other relationships.)  


The Women You Need to Thrive:

Your Soulful Connector personality is happy in a safe tribe of women who empower you without trying to fix problems, and where it's encouraged to ask support from others. You need a group of friends you can connect deeply with and help each other level-up, celebrate with and get through struggles with together.

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