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On The Road With GirlTalk travels around the U.S. bringing our customized program to young women all over." Our program brings girls together and gives them access to relatable female mentors in real time 2017."  On The Road With GirlTalk travels to speak with students about self esteem, true friendship, bullying, comparison and various issues that young women deal with daily while providing them with the tools to overcome obstacles they are faced with. This program's focus is on self love, uplifting, motivation and support for next generation of women. 


"I stopped comparing myself."

"Experiencing On The Road With GirlTalk changed my life. I found hope and was so inspired by Sarah and the other girls. I have hated myself and compared myself to my friends, they taught me the steps to love myself and be proud of differences between me and my friends. Sarah even emails with me to help me after the program." 

- Julia P, senior in high school

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The Impact We Are Making

I was a mean girl.

β€œI was the mean girl in my group of friends. I mostly acted that way because we thought it was funny. After you visited my school I learned what we were really doing and how it affected the way I felt about myself."

Sarah G. 

San Fransisco, CA 

I am forever grateful.

GirlTalk was an emotional experience, to say the least. Emotional as in: happy, eye-opening, heart-on-your-sleeve, gratifying. Thank you to the GirlTalk Network for reminding me of how incredibly blessed I am. I am forever thankful because you have changed my outlook on life.

Kate H.  Tempe, AZ

I am now not afraid.

GirlTalk's school program inspired me to stand up for myself and not be afraid to be the woman I know I am. I have been in situations that I feel very degraded and found it hard to stand up for myself.

Lauren S.

Orange County, CA

On The Road With GirlTalk was a phenomenal program for our young women!

It was clear that they listened to our needs and did a great job of relating directly to the class. All of the speakers brought something different but clearly share the same passion for promoting young girls and women supporting each other, self love, and going after your dreams.  The girls were very moved by the program and felt so comfortable sharing. The message was so applicable to women of all ages. I would highly recommend this program come to your school!

Amanda Voight,

Our First School Program at Arizona State University.

”I wanted to say thank you for all you said to us and all that you say to other women because I know how hard it is to speak to a group of young women and keep their attention (we didn’t want it to end!) but you all spoke so well and were so inspiring and it really does go a long way for us young women, we need to have access to mentors like you.
— email from student of the program

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